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Taulman 910 Alloy Filament (1.75 mm)

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Taulman 910 Alloy Filament is a high strength Nylon based industrial filament. It was developed through a combined effort of chemical companies, extrusion manufactures and taulman3D to specifically develop a single material to meet as many high performance 3D Printing needs as possible. With a tensile strength of 50% of that of 1 series aluminium, the durability of Nylon, Low shrinkage factor, high chemical resistance and a working temperature of up to 95 Deg C makes this material the new benchmark of high strength industrial filament.


  • Spool weight: 1 lb (0.453 kg)
  • Filament diameter: 1.75mm
  • Printing temperature: 245 Deg C
  • Bed Temperature: 45 Deg C
  • Printing bed: Glass coated with diluted white PVA glue (Ponal wood glue diluted 50% with water)
  • Tensile strength: 8100 PSI (55.8 MPa)
  • Modulus of elastisity: 72 932 PSI (502 MPa)

Nylon absorbs moisture from local humidity.  If you hear a popping sound or see steam comming from the nozzle during printing, dry the filament by heating it in an oven to 60 Deg C for at least 4 hours.

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