Dual Extruder Upgrade Kit for PRUSA i3

  • R 1,999.00

This is the Dual Extruder upgrade kit with auto lift function for the Prusa i3 3D Printer kit. This is not an ordinary dual extruder, it has a nozzle auto lift function to ensure your prints are clean and hassle free. This means the nozzle not being used retracts to keep it out of the way. This way it will not damage or color your prints and you do not need an ooze shield to wipe your nozzles.

Why dual extruder?  This dual extruder will allow you to print 2 colours in one model or 2 different materials in one model. With 2 different materials, you can print soluble support structures with PVA or HIPS filament for extremely complex designs or even print ABS and flexible filament in one model.

Please note:  The dual extruder will reduce your printing area in the X direction from 200mm to 150mm when printing with the dual extruder. The Y and Z direction will stay the same. 

This upgrade kit includes everything you need to upgrade to a dual extruder, but it is assumed that you will use the following components from your current single extruder:

  • NEMA 17 Stepper motor, 40mm long, 1.8Deg/step
  • E3D Hot End, Version 5
  • Auto bed leveling kit

If you do not have one of these components, you will need to add it to be able to complete this upgrade.

The new firmware for the dual extrudr upgrade are available at this link

The assembly instructions are in the form of YouTube videos.

These are one of the more complex assemblies in the printer, so if you want us to assemble it for you, please see the assembled version.

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