Genuine BL Touch Bed Leveling Sensor

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Genuine BL Touch bed leveling sensor from Antclabs. This sensor can be fitted to most 3D printers to add auto bed leveling to the printer. All you will need are 3 extra pins on your controller board to drive the sensor.

How the sensor works is it has a metal pin which extends lower than the nozzle when the sensor is required to measure the bed. Then the printer probes the bed. As soon as the pin touches the bed it retracts and sends the signal to the Z endstop switch on the controller board and the printer knows height of the bed at that point. This sensor measures the bed mechanically, so it is not effected by the type of material used as printing surface, bed temperature or metallic / non-metallic bed.

This sensor has superior accuracy over other sensors on the market and comes in a neat small package. Don't be fooled by cheap imitation, if it does not say BL Touch, it is not a BL Touch!

The unit includes mounting screws and springs as will as connectors and pins to extend the cables to the desired length.

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  • Sensing type: Mechanical Contact
  • Bed Material: Any material
  • Accuracy: 0.01mm
  • Standard deviation: <0.01mm
  • Repeatability: <1%
  • Voltage required: 5V
  • Power consumption: 20mA

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