The Creality CR-10S Pro is a significant improvement over its predecessors. Read on for our hands-on review to find out why.

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Creality loves to iterate. So much so, that its popular CR-10 line has gone through more versions than we’d care to count.

The original CR-10, which came out a few years ago now, was a success, offering a big build volume for a small price. And, clearly not familiar with the adage “too much of a good thing,” Creality kept going, producing the CR-10S, the CR-10 V2, the CR-10 Max, the CR-10 S5, the CR-10 Mini … you get the idea.

One of the sleeker printers from this line is the CR-10S Pro, which costs about R11499.00 and appears to be one of the better iterations too. We tested it out to try and answer the question ‘could this be the best CR-10 yet?


There are a few things Creality gets right with this CR-10 version, and a few things it doesn’t. Right off the bat, the machine looks sophisticated for a Creality 3D printer. It’s sleek, without the usual bird’s nest of wires everywhere the company’s many other printers suffer from. They’ve also put the brain of the machine underneath it so it doesn’t add to the printer’s footprint. This also helps keep it solid and stable due to the extra weight. (Unlike the CR-10S, for example, which has a separate box to the side.

What we’re not crazy about it how tall it is once you put the filament spool holder on top. In fairness, there are not that many other places it could go, but it does really ramp up the space you need for the printer and depending on where you’ve put the CR-10S Pro, it may be too high up to reach properly.

Like many other Creality machines, the power switch and the USB drive/micro SD card drive are somewhat inconveniently located. The power switch is towards the back and the USB drive/micro SD card drive slots are towards the front on the right side of the machine. This is not a huge deal, but it does get annoying and it would be great if they could just put all this stuff at the front where you face the printer.

And then there’s the print bed, which is both wonderful and the worst because it’s really sticky. Like, crazy sticky. Prints stick to it and they do not want to come off. It’s a blessing and a curse because you don’t need to worry about prints failing by getting unstuck, but once they’re complete you have the novel problem of figuring out a way to get them unstuck without accidentally gouging the surface of the print bed.


The machine comes snugly packed in a well-organized box and is very easy to set up: just screw in the gantry, plug in a couple very neatly arranged wires and you’re basically ready to go.

Creality advertises the bed-leveling as automatic and this is true, with one caveat: You have to manually level the plate initially yourself. After that, the BL-Touch sensor can compensate for the rest, making sure that the layers are uniform across the bed.

Thanks to the 480W Mean Well power supply, the machine has more power for all the components to work with. Plus, the Capricorn Bowden tubing really helps smooth the printing process. The filament slides straight in and you don’t need to worry about it buckling inside or causing any problems.

In general, printing with this machine was easy-peasy. What was also easy was using Creality’s Cura-powered slicer, the creatively named Creality Slicer, which gives you the options to use either Full, Expert or Quickprint settings depending on your level of expertise and how sophisticated you need your print to be. All the settings are exactly the same as Cura, just an older version of it.

The only issue we ran into with the slicer was the build plate view kept disappearing and sometimes the models would also disappear. We’re not sure why that happened, but as with most things, we just restarted the program and carried on like nothing happened.

As far as price goes, this machine isn’t cheap, but for what you get, and the quality and thought put into it relative to other Creality machines, it’s definitely worth the price. It’s easy to put together, easy to use, reliable and most importantly: It just works.

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