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Another fuel hike is the last thing we need and some good news is always welcome. We have decided not to increase our cartridge and filament prices but instead we lifted the free shipping tier from R1000 to R1500. Our "Swan Bucks" rewards system is still the popular choice for discounts in our online store and if you have not registered for this yet you can do so with the Rewards Tab on the home page

We are also expanding our 3D Printer range with two new comers, Creality Ender 5 and the Wanhao Duplicator 10. They are going to be very popular with novice or beginner 3D enthusiasts, makers, hobbyists and designers. Packed full of features, easy on the eyes and very easy on the pocket!!

We are in the process of testing these sweet babies to make 120% sure that you will love it and that we have the right answers for all your questions if there is any. Keep an eye out for them.

That's it, for now.

Be safe, share a smile and have a great day.


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